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Evermore respects every customer’s right to privacy. Please read carefully the following passage about Evermore’s policy of protection for privacy so that you can understand how Evermore searches for, collects, uses, and protects the personal information provided by you. Evermore’s policy of protection for privacy is subject to change from time to time and may differ from the related policies governed by the law of your country. Hence, we suggest that you should check for any changes in our policy routinely.

Search and Collection
One of the features of this Website is to allow you to request for service, download software, give opinions, or register for membership. To do so, please provide your full name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and other necessary data so that we can reply to you and provide you with business information, products, and service, or conduct a market survey.

Evermore will not sell, lease, or divulge your data to a third party or use your data in a way that does not comply with the Declaration of Right to Privacy. Unless Evermore has your approval or has to fulfill a legal obligation, your data will be used by Evermore only or will be provided to and used by a Evermore’s subsidiary institution or enterprise only. The subsidiary institution or enterprise shall abide by the policy of protection for privacy set forth by Evermore and a confidentiality agreement entered into by and between Evermore and the subsidiary institution or enterprise when using your personal information.

Access and Correction
You can visit our Website again at any time to augment, abridge, or revise your data or ask us to delete your data. To do so, Evermore will have to verify your identity first. To verify your identity, Evermore will assign a code and a password to you or use any other method for verifying your identity.

Evermore is devoted to protecting clients’ data. We have a confidentiality mechanism created and installed on our hardware, software and network to protect all the data we acquired from the Internet.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are concise data written to your hard disk by a server via a browser, to urge us to verify your identity and access your account related data (stored on our server). You may change the degree of your browser’s acceptance of cookies or configure your browser so that your browser rejects all cookies. Where your browser rejects all cookies, you cannot browse some of the web pages of our Website. Still, some of the web pages of our Website are available to visitors without using any cookies. From our perspective, cookies are just the herald of our former visitors’ return. Cookies only permit a network application program to respond to you by treating you as an individual without discerning your identity.


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