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Evermore provides clients with application information, technical information, technical seminars, technical consultation and support related to our products. We take pride in giving prompt, timely and professional advice to our clients.

Rubber Product Applications  
Carbon Black
Silica : Widely used in rubber related industries. Our products come in different  specifications, constituent, and series so as to meet customer needs with respect to the parameters of their products.

To obtain further information about our products and applications thereof, please contact us at sales@evermoertrade.com. We shall be of service to you.

application to rubber products
application to non-rubber products
application to industrial equipment
Rubber Additives
We have a wide range of products applicable in different phases of production.  Please contact our sales staff for more details.
Application to Non-Rubber Products

Aerosil A series:

  • Adjust viscosity
  • Improve printing quality
  • Excellent suspension;
  • Excellent matting effect
Application to Industrial Equipment

Boiler / Thermo Heater
Boilers provide a heat source for a wide range of productions. A steam boiler or a heat transfer fluid boiler supplies, via a pipeline, heat to a variety of processing units including distillation towers, reactors, or mixing tanks in the petrochemical industry; vulcanization cans, hot pressing devices, or an extrusion device in the rubber and plastic industry; shaping dryers, or dye dispensers in the dyeing industry; laminating devices or a glue dispensers in the synthetic leather industry. In addition to industrial applications, it is commonly used in swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, spas, restaurants and hotels.

Energy saving equipment
Energy conversion turbines (ECT) recycle redundant steam, air, gas...etc into electricity.  This device can be deployed in a short period of time with high return of investment. The turbine is manufactured by propriety technology. Our solution is more flexible than traditional ones. A plant which has a steam unit, PRV/PVDS unit, co-generator unit, de-aerator unit has potential to save energy by ECT. Applicable industries range from petrochemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, co-generator and rubber.

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